Chase the gaze, but do not get lost in the maze!

Sometimes I am amazed, at life’s well crafted complex maze.

We are all timed, and put in it to run and chase.

Sometimes I am amazed, at life’s stringent gaze.

We are all pumped, with life’s predefined halter and put on the race.


From dusk to dawn, and seasons on.

We try to fit and chase upon, and look away what has slipped and gone.

Days to months and years pass by,

Yet life revolves with such a haste, and moments surpasses with a blink of an eye.

Sometimes life can be so cruel, assures freedom with a rule.

At times it has so much to offer, many at times leaving us at a conjuncture.

Sometimes life tends to overrule, indoctrinate one – if a battle or a baffle.

At time it has no as the answer, leaving you question life’s very nature.


I hope we all learn the art of living soon,

Because living is chasing and it’s for you to turn it a bane or a boon.

I hope we all unfold the mysteries of life in due time,

Because the pursuit of happiness is the chase of a life time.


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